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The first book was presented by the author on June 10, 2013, in the Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg to Dr. J.A.M.M. Janssen, Director of the museum. Mr Janssen called it a particular book that is a good filling in a gap on the subject of B-25. The book contains many never before published information and pictures.

In aviation world the book is very well received. Some quotes from reviews.

The Model Builder:
"If the B-25 is to your imagination, this is the most complete reference book, just for you to enjoy or to study in detail."

Modelling Actual:
"This book is highly recommended for lovers of vintage aircraft."

Pilot and plane:
"In this book the reader gets a unique sight into manufacturing this bomber. It is an excellent documented English language book.”

Model Flying Sport:
"The book contains a broad collage of black and white and colour photos and gives a beautiful English-language overview about this illustrious period."

Spinner, Military Aviation Museum:
"The book gives an insight into what's happening and what it takes to set up and to keep a production line. The author is congratulated on the fact that he has been able to obtain a huge amount of photo material that, apart from the text, is already more than worth to own the book."

"The book is unique, in the sense that is focused on the production. Further it discusses the creation of the North American factories. It takes the reader to a time when mass production of military equipment played a leading role in the society."

Belgian Aviation News:
"There are already a lot of good books about this great aircraft. This one is really different and unique. Most of the time, the story of an aircraft is a sum of operations, heroic actions, list of operators but the people who manufactured these aeroplanes are totally forgotten. This book is definitively on my short list of my preferred aviation books."

Mark Aldrich, San Diego Air and Space Museum:
"The book looks great! Fantastic job."

Library of Congress:
"One can get a big picture of how the plant operated and of the employees' work there."

Robert Domandl, Argentina:
"Suberb! Very interesting advertising at the end."

DDA Classic Airlines:
“Many and detailed images with texts carry the reader through the production process. Also the way the personnel policy and the marketing was done, is discussed in detail. This is a fine reference book on the famous medium bomber.”

Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation:
“The detailed examination of the author has brought lots of pictures about the manufacturing process of the Mitchell in all its facets. A very nice reference book on this famous bomber and a foreword by James Kindelberger Graham, grandson of James H. "Dutch" Kindelberger and then leading man of North American Aviation, makes the book complete.”

Royal Netherlands Association “Our Air Force”:
“The many photos in the factories give an interesting view of the production of aircraft, photos you normally do not see. The pictures are of excellent quality and above all the colour photos can measure up to today's photo quality.”

The Boeing Store:
“The B-25 Factory Times book looks terrific. Super!”

“Congratulations, great work! It is a fairly complete book without any incorrect information. It belongs to the better references.”

Osprey Publishing, The Modelling News:
“It is an extremely interesting book for anyone who likes the B-25 or wants to find out more on the design and production of a wartime aircraft. The many photos and the lay-out give the book a nostalgic look. It clearly is a book made by someone who is absolutely fascinated by the aircraft. You can always tell the difference between a book that is made for profit or for passion on a subject. In this case, it is clearly the latter.”


The book is available at:

Aviation Megastore, Aalsmeerderbrug, NL

Flash Aviation Shop, Eindhoven, NL

Lanasta, Emmen, NL

Milistoria, Interporto, Fontevivo (Parma), IT

Scandinavian Aeronautics Indefinite (S.A.I.), Hald, DK

The Aviation Bookshop, Tunbridge Wells, UK

The Aviation & Military Book Centre, Coalville, UK

Amazon U.S.A.

Warbirds of Glory Museum, Brighton, Michigan, USA



Signed copies can be ordered from the author directly via mail: d.w.nijenhuis@concepts.nl

Presentation of the first book on June 10, 2013, in the
Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg. At left Mr. Dr.
J.A.M.M. Janssen, Director of the museum and at right
author Wim Nijenhuis.