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Mitchell Masterpieces

Mitchell Masterpieces Vol. 1

A book dedicated entirely to the B-25 Mitchell serving the American armed forces and the paintings of the various units. The book “Mitchell Masterpieces” is not just about the various forms of nose art, but also about other paint jobs. A large number of airplanes from the most common units are described, both during the Second World War and after the war. Backgrounds of paintings are described as well as Hollywood stars visiting the war fronts. What was the meaning of men's magazines and cartoons for nose art? What did this meant to the crews who fought under sometimes primitive conditions and far away from home? An illustrated history of the golden age of airplane nose art with many masterpieces. But also the post-war natural aluminium finished airplanes with their markings were true masterpieces to see. A pleasant book focused on the B-25 Mitchell with many illustrations and with lots of background information as never published before in this way. English language. With a foreword written by John C. Miller, son of Lt. Col. Kenneth E. Miller, pilot in the 42nd Bomb Group and a very talented nose art artist. He made many beautiful paintings on the noses of B-25s. A voluminous and beautifully illustrated book that also contains many interesting details for modelers.

ISBN 978-90-8616-236-9 Softcover, 248 pages, 900 illustrations € 29,95 ex. shipping costs
Publisher Lanasta, Emmen, Netherlands. www.lanasta.eu

Mitchell Masterpieces Vol. 2

Both during and after the Second World War, many countries have had B-25s in their armed forces’ inventories. This Volume 2 describes the history of the North American B-25 Mitchell in service of the armed forces outside the U.S.A. It is a never before published overview of the various units and paint schemes of the B-25s which have flown in many different countries all over the world. During the war, especially the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union were the major users of the B-25. During and after the war, relatively large numbers of B-25s were used by the Netherlands, Canada, China and Brazil. But also other countries used the B-25 after the war, whether or not in military conflicts. Most countries then just started using the B-25 in their air forces. The military forces of some countries flew the B-25 until the late 70s of the last century. A brief history of the units is given, in particular limited to what is related to the use of the B-25 bomber. The book is richly illustrated.

ISBN 978-90-8616-237-6 Softcover, 248 pages, 800 illustrations € 29,95 ex. shipping costs
Publisher Lanasta, Emmen, Netherlands. www.lanasta.eu

The book is available at the distributors mentioned in this website under Reviews/Distributors. Signed copies of the books can be ordered from the author directly via mail: d.w.nijenhuis@concepts.nl

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  • A B-25 Mk.II of No. 180 Squadron RAF

    Bold nose art in the Pacific.

    “Pistol Packin’ Mama” often used as example.

    Lt. Col. Kenneth E. Miller at work. The foreword is written by his son John C. Miller.