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Illustrated history of the North American Aviation plants at Inglewood and Kansas City and the
B-25 assembly lines.

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The book "B-25 Factory Times" is now praised by many and seen as a standard work for the B-25. People who have read the book are very excited about the quality and content. The many illustrations makes it a great reminder of an important part of the American heritage. But not only that. Also for those who are interested in aviation history and for model builders, the book gives a lot of information.

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Mitchell Masterpieces Vol. 1

Another standard work of the author dedicated to the B-25 Mitchell in service of the American armed forces and the various paintings of the various units. More about this richly illustrated and comprehensive book can be found on Mitchell Masterpieces of this website.

NEW!!! Mitchell Masterpieces Vol. 2

In October 2019, the new book Mitchell Masterpieces Vol. 2. was published. This Volume 2 describes the history of the North American B-25 Mitchell in service of the armed forces outside the U.S.A. It is a never before published overview of the various units and paint schemes of the B-25s which have flown in many different countries all over the world. During the war, especially the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union were the major users of the B-25. During and after the war, relatively large numbers of B-25s were used by the Netherlands, Canada, China and Brazil. But also other countries used the B-25 after the war, whether or not in military conflicts. Most countries then just started using the B-25 in their air forces. The military forces of some countries flew the B-25 until the late 70s of the last century. A brief history of the units is given, in particular limited to what is related to the use of the B-25 bomber. The book is richly illustrated with about 800 illustrations

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Signed copies of the books can be ordered from the author directly via mail: d.w.nijenhuis@concepts.nl

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